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“I have worked with other lenders in the past who have never delivered
on what they promised. Capital Lynk has been a pleasure to work with.
They provided me with the working capital I needed quickly. I found
them to be very professional, always there and always returned my
calls. I also found them to be less expensive than the other companies
who provided quotes and there were no hidden fees or surprises. They
were even able to lower my processing fees.”

Joshua T

Aspen, CO


“A couple of years ago I had an opportunity to expand my restaurant by
taking over the business next door, knocking down a wall and doubling
my seating capacity. Although I have good credit my local banks would
not give me the financing I needed. Not only did Capital Lynk get me
the funding I needed within a week to complete this project, but has
since provided me with working capital 3 more times . I now have a
patio and a bar. My revenues have almost tripled in 30 months.”

Francis P

Fairfax, VA


“I was in the process of searching for working capital when Capital
Lynk reached out to my business. At the time, I was working with a
different lending company, but having numerous challenges because they
would not adjust to my needs. Where they fell short, Capital Lynk
exceeded my expectations. They did not need by financial statements to
get me funding offers, something that was said to be mandatory
according to other companies. They were professional, and did not quote
me numbers out of thin air simply to get me intrigued, only to
disappointed later on (like some other companies I’ve dealt with in the
past). I appreciated Capital Lynk’s honesty and transparency throughout
the process. They are a trustworthy broker who makes funding easier for
business owners.”

Hayley C

Dover, DE


“I was looking for additional business funding for some new and
exciting projects I’m working on for my restaurant. Many lenders turned
me down due to my existing advance (used for expansion), or were not
able to offer me financially-feasible programs that my cash flow could
sustain. I was about to give up when Capital Lynk introduced me to
their Supplemental ACH Program. This program is made for business
owners that have existing programs but need a top-up, which happens
frequently and is becoming increasingly common! The way I see it,
Capital Lynk has perfected the facilitation of the delivery of
financial solutions tailored towards small to medium sized businesses
whatever their situation. I strongly recommend any merchant seeking
financing to seek Capital Lynk.

Neal P

Austin, TX