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Is this legitimate?

Business Loans from Banks – up to 90% rejected.

Absolutely – and our industry is backed by two of the most admired financial institutions in the world, Wells Fargo and Brown Brothers Harriman. The alternative financing industry has become increasingly popular among small and medium-sized business owners seeking working capital without a long-term financial commitment. Over the past 10 years, well over 50,000 business owners have secured over $2 billion in working capital to invest in their business as they see fit, without collateral or personal guarantees. Unsecured Business Loans were created specifically to cater to your business needs, allowing you to leverage future cash receivables in order to secure working capital for your business today. Find out more about the process by clicking here.


How much does your service cost?

Our complete financial services are free to you, the merchant. There is also no obligation to accept any offers we present to your business. If you like it, it’s yours. The choice is yours whether or not you decide to accept the funding or not.


How are you able to guarantee I receive a better financial deal than what I am currently being offered?

Capital Lynk has strong lending connections with a large and growing network of lenders. We have a specialized funding team that are experts at securing the best qualify funding options for your business. Because our lenders are all in competition with one another, they submit their most aggressive funding options. You have the opportunity to select among multiple funding option(s). If you want to put it to the test, share your current offers and we’ll beat them!


What are the main differences between a traditional bank loan and Capital Lynk’s business advances?

Our financial programs provide more manageable funding amounts ($3,000-$500,000) with flexible terms. We utilize a percentage-of-sales or fixed daily amount repayment method, depending on what works better for your business needs. The funding process is streamlined and simplified, making it easier than ever to get business financing. We can get you funded quickly (3-5 business days) in comparison to the average processing time of traditional banks (4-8 weeks). Lastly, our advances do not require collateral as security. There are many other differences; click here to read more.


What documents are required in order to get working capital options?

This is a virtually paperwork free process. All we require to secure funding options for your business is our easy online application which you can complete here and your last 4 months of bank and/or credit cards statements. You get funding options 24 – 48 hours later.


How long does it take to get my business approved?

You can get approved within 24 hours of submitting your complete application.


How much working capital can my business secure?

We can provide your business with up to 1.5 times your average monthly credit card sales, or 9 to 12% of your gross annual sales. Funding amounts range from $3,000 to $500,000. By reviewing your working capital application and most recent months of statements, we are able to provide your business with funding options specifically designed for your business’s working capital needs.


How long does it take to get my business approved?

You can get approved within 24 hours of submitting your complete application.


What is the interest rate?

Our programs are not loans, and there is no interest rate. Our programs are a purchase of future receivables, and therefore have a cost of funds. Interest does not accumulate over time. We quote you the exact payback amount at the beginning, that amount will never increase!


How long does it take to transfer the funds?

Once your business is approved (typically takes as fast as 24 hours), funding is wired to your business banking account within 2 to 3 business days.


If my business was rejected for financing with another provider in the past, does that mean I will not qualify for funding with Capital Lynk now?

We work with a network of 15+ lenders. We have funded thousands of merchants that have been rejected by other providers in the past. Your previous experience with other providers is in no way indicative of what your business is eligible for now with Capital Lynk. Invest 5 – 10 minutes and complete our simple application to see how we can benefit your business.


Can I pay back the advance early?

Yes, you can always pay off the balance remaining on the advance at any time.


Is collateral required?

No. We provide Unsecured Working Capital, meaning there is no collateral or security against your advance. Instead, we use your proven business track record to determine funding.


Will my Cash Advance show up on my credit report?

No, this will not show up on your credit report, so you can still apply for additional financing and it will not impact your debt to income ratios.


Do I have to get a new credit card terminal?

This is dependant on the type of program you would like to secure for your business.
Advances based on the cash flow in your business operating accounts will not affect any way you process credit cards, including terminals.
Even for advances based on credit card sales, the answer is typically no. All you have to do is re-program your terminal, which is free of charge. It takes only 10 minutes and it can be done over the phone. Our credit card processing department will call you to give easy step-by-step instructions.


Do I have to switch my current credit card processor?

This is dependent on the type of program you would like to secure for your business. Advances based on the cash flow in your business operating accounts will not require you to switch your current credit card processor.
For advances based on credit card sales, the funding process works through your credit card terminal so we may need to switch you over to our preferred credit card processor. We work with an outstanding organization that will match or may actually beat your current rates, and will make the transition virtually seamless. We understand that it may not be possible for you to switch processing and Capital Lynk can adjust accordingly to successfully extend funding.


Can I renew my advance?

Yes, and over 80% of our merchants do! You may begin the renewal process once your current advance is 50% paid off or more. You will never have a cash flow problem again!


Who should I call with questions regarding my account and any other funding inquiries?

You can reach a Funding Specialist at 1-866-903-5012 Ext. 304, between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm EST.

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