Capital Options


Traditional Bank Loan

Business Loans from Banks – up to 90% rejected.

By requiring extensive documentation along with collateral coverage of 2:1 or greater and/or personal guarantees for the full loan amount, the bank significantly reduces their risk. But, for the business owner, the banks lengthy list of requirements only serves to frustrate them for months on end. Though a traditional loan will often be the least expensive form of business capital, there are many unattractive features of the traditional bank loan such as a stressful application process, a high rejection rate, and lengthy processing time.


Venture Funding

Venture capitalist firms typically require equity in exchange for funding. In the long-term, this equity may cost you more than you originally expected, and you may likely discover that venture funding is the least desireable and least financially effective choice to secure financing for your business. Merchants give up business equity in return for a financing solution today.

Venture capitalist firms will also usually require a member of their team take on a management position in your company to increase their chances of success. What this means for the merchant is that they are no longer in full control of their business. These venture capitalists will often be given the power to override decisions. In general, this can lead to internal problems and managerial conflict within the business itself. With venture funding, there are numerous additional risks in addition to the financial considerations.

Many merchants want their business to stay their business. There is an easier way!


Capital Lynk Funding

You are no longer required to use personal credit, personal collateral (such as your home), personal guarantees or co-signers to secure your businesses’ future. Join hundreds of thousands of merchants that are making the switch; leverage your businesses’ future receivables to grow your business today! The amount of working capital your business qualifies for depends on the health of your business, not your credit score.

As the name would suggest, our programs are Unsecured Business Loans. There are no personal guarantees or collateral requirements. This means that the risk exposure in this type of transaction shifts entirely from the borrower (like a traditional business loan) to the lender. In addition, our programs are interest free. Have Capital Lynk find you newer and better programs that suit your business needs.

Depending on your preference, you can secure programs based either on your credit card sales volumes or on cash flow in your business operating accounts. This allows you to choose how you would like to design and structure your advance depending on what works best for your business and industry.

Capital Lynk makes business financing easy and accessible to virtually any business owner. How much immediate working capital does your business qualify for?

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