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Could you benefit with cash-flow?

Our exclusive FinTech system provides your loan approval details in just hours. Having funding custom tailored to your needs and available when you need it means your business will be ready and able to invest in that million-dollar idea, expand your reach, and become even bigger in your industry!



Cutting-Edge Tech

Innovation is key as you build and grow your business. Capital Lynk’s unique business model and proprietary systems guarantee you adaptable solutions to suit your business needs. You will receive complete access to industry leading technology, online tools, and world-class customer service.


Intelligent funding programs ensure you receive better terms than with any other broker or financial institution, and your FREE, no obligation quote will outline the exclusive advantages our lender portfolio can offer your business. Plus, you could be approved TODAY!





What we offer

• Merchant Cash Advance.

• Revenue Base Financing (ACH).

• Floating Lines of Credit

• Receivables Factoring.

• Medical Practice Financing.

• Comprehensive broker support.

• Flexible repayment options.

• No hidden fees!


Here at Capital Lynk, we offer our clients the most flexible financial solutions available!

We would like to personally invite you to join the millions of our happy clients in reaching their goals.