About us

Established in 1999, Capital Lynk, in the last 3 years has become the largest independent consulting/ brokerage firm and a professionally recognized expert in helping small and big Businesses effectively acquire working capital that meets their business needs..

Why A Broker

A good broker represents many lenders at the same time. The broker shops for the best possible rates and terms for his client. That’s why he earns a fee. And the best part is: you as a customer do not pay any fee, it's handled by the lender.


Apply Now

Fill the 20 sec application, provide us a few c.c statements and within 24-48h we conduct an analysis of your business and come back to you with approval.


Why Capital Lynk?

Capital Lynk being an independent broker means we work for you!! Not the lenders.

Our job is to get you the best deal around by making different lenders bid for your business. Here are some of the advantages.


How it works!

Capital Lynk L.L.C. provides you with the cash flow necessary to finance your business operations

We are not a bank and our funding is not a loan. Instead, we use an alternative and hassle-free method of business financing called "factoring" or accounts receivable financing. It's a cash advance which actually pays you for your future credit card transactions!.


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